John Guiver - Artist

     I was born in 1966 at Hornchurch, Essex in the United Kingdom. I started drawing from a very early age and always had a talent for doing copy drawing. I nearly went to art college but being a young man decided to enjoy life by getting a job, going out with friends and meeting girls as you do so unfortunately my Art went on the backburner so to speak and rarely did I put a pencil to paper.

     I got married at the age of 26 and ended up with two wonderful boys, with married life and bringing up children I still did not do any drawing only very occasionally. I split up with my wife 9 years ago and met a wonderful woman called Joy who happened to be Canadian and also lived in Canada, so I decided to take a turn in my life and move to Canada to be with Her with the Blessing of my two almost grown up son's and my family.

    I mentioned one day to Joy that I used to be a bit of an Artist in my youth and She asked me to draw a random picture from a magezine, I did so and She was really impressed and encouraged me to take up drawing again which I did. Gradually I started to draw again and relearn the techniques I had long forgotten about, it's been a slow process but I am getting there with an improvement on each drawing.

     Finally I have started to produce work for people to keep and enjoy and looking forward to a future of more drawing and improvements in my skill as an Artist.